2017 so far and looking ahead

Hi everyone! First of all, thank you for stopping by, reading this post, and the general interest in my athletic endavours. I will keep you updated from now on here as well (next to Facebook and Instagram), and I hope you I can entertain, teach, or inspire (the three job requirements of a professional athlete according to Greg Bennett) you in some way.

Let me know whenever you have questions, get in contacted, I will try to help out if I can!

I built this site (I really wanted to learn how to work with WordPress anyway) during a somewhat tough time for me. Preparation for a strong 2017 season was in full swing, I had completed two good training camps on Fuerteventura and Mallorca, and was getting ready to kick off the season at IRONMAN 70.3 Texas and IRONMAN Texas, when I was hit by a truck out on a training ride on March 16. My bike was shattered, I got away without fractures, but had to take off 3,5 weeks of swimming now because of an injured shoulder, and I am still unpatiently waiting to go out for my first run yet, after an MRI showed a bone marrow edema in my left hip.

Getting back will take some time, but it could have been worse as well. I have a posted a preliminary race schedule on this site, but it could all change completely depending on how training works out once I start out running again and when I will be able to do quality workouts.

I am also working with Sebastian Zeller of ProAthletes (based in Cologne as well) from now on. I have the opportunity to take advantage of them being a full-service provider, as I also use their physiotherapy, performance diagnostics, and strength training programs as well. I want to give a ton of praise to Wolfram Bott who has guided me over the last two seasons. He is a fantastic coach as well, but I just wanted to work with someone based in the area, and Sebastian is the best in my opinion.

The (longshot) goal of qualifying for Kona in 2017 is out reach this season, however I will give it another shot for 2018. The next qualification period starts in September, and I want to be strong by then. I’d also like to PR again, and get my IRONMAN time down, and I’ll try to find a race that will give me a good shot at doing so.

I hope to write some cool stories this year on racing, training, and everything else that comes to my mind. Again, if you want to read about anything specific, please let me know and I’ll try to accomodate the requests.

Thank’s for reading, take care, and my currently favorite hashtag #biggearnofear (R.Murray)



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