May+June Report/First Block of Racing/IRONMAN Hamburg

Hey everyone,

as always, thank’s for coming to this site and for reading my post, I hope it’s worth your time.

My last post was also the first one on here. The site went online and I had just resumed 3-sports-training May 1st, after being out with swimming and running about all of April. The goal was to build fitness, stay injury free, and raise my VO2Max over the next period of training. Sebastian and I had concluded that if I wanted to raise my game, then getting the upper ceilings up was absolutely necessary. Last year, I had already performed realtively better in IM races compared to 70.3’s, so I needed to get the numbers up.

I did my first test on the bike May 18th and had a Vo2Max of 67,94 ml/min/kg. If you want to be really competitive, you want to get your score up to the high 70’s, with some people even going over 80 ml/min/kg. To reach that, short, high intensity intervals (lots of them) is what you want to do.

We set a schedule for the next few weeks that included 4-5 races and lots of interval work, while going somehwat down in volume (one has to give). I raced supsrisingly well in my first race May 21st in a 2nd League Race in Germany, pushing 320W NP over 26min, backing it up with a strong and controlled run.

However, that weekend I also slipped with my city bike. The handlebars hit my ribs pretty hard and it got significantly worse over the next few days, and after one swim session, I could barely stand upright and was bed-bound for the next 2 days, almost inable to move. I don’t wish that kinda pain anyone. This forced me to take another 9 days off swimming and running. However, biking was fine, and I completed the hardest block of biking (intensity-wise) that I have ever done, doing intervals three days in a row (40s/20s’s Tuesday, 5min’s Wednesday, 20min’s Thursday) and a long ride on the fourth day, before doing the Cologne Swim&Run on Sunday, my 2nd run and 2nd swim back. I won the race with a very week swim but suprisingly strong run (14k at 3:32min/km pace). My take-away is that obviously, there is a pretty strong cross-over effect between my biking and running, but almost none from bike to swim (swimming comes from swimming, but that’s another topic in itself…).

I was pretty pumped that I got over that obstacle again and did the Harsewinkel Half the next week. Solid performance all around pushing 264W NP (new PB for me), but I already felt on the run buycbdproducts the intensity and the racing were somewhat starting to catch up with me. Over the next week something weird happened. My „easy pace“ was absolutely great but I couldn’t get going anymore when I started intervals. Thursday after the race, I had to call it a day after 4 of 8 4min intervals at FTP Watts because I was getting tired really quick.

The last race was Dresden City Triathlon this week. To cut a long story short, I had nothing to give. Even after one easy week I couldn’t manage the intensity and was out of the race half-way into swim, and then not even able to push IM-Watts, which was pretty scary. I finished though.

So what to do with that? I obviously went really hard in practice trying to push the boundaries. Combine that with a self-chosen packed race schedule and I simply overdid it. Did we make a mistake? Yes, racing too much. However you need to get out of your comfort zone if you want to improve in the long term. How to get out of it? Scale back intensity completely for 1-2 weeks and cancel unnecessary races (all until Hamburg for me).

This leaves me with seven weeks to IRONMAN Hamburg. First of all, I am super pumped for this race, I really wanted to do it. I also feel that if you are a German IM-athlete, you somewhat want to try to race „at home“ once a year. I am short on time now and in a tricky situation. On the one hand, I need to recover right now, on the other hand, I need to prepare and IRONMAN. So the recover->full volume->sharpen up order will consist of rather short blocks.

I am completely clueless what I can do in Hamburg to be honest, but I can write a review after it and tell you what worked and what didn’t, I promise you that.

And if it doesn’t work out, then there are a few races left in my life, no worries :).


Take care, good luck with your racing and say hi when we meet!



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